How do I benefit from A Life’s Inventory? 

The biggest benefit (and goal) of A Life’s Inventory is to help people get organized and give them more peace of mind.  Having your important, personal information organized, secured and easily accessible reduces distraction and stress.

Additionally, because organizing your information can feel like a huge task, A Life’s Inventory breaks it down into small manageable parts.  You do what you can in the time you have given yourself.  Come back and add more or update anytime you feel the need or find the time.  We also help you by sending reminders.

Lastly, when there is a need for other people to have your information, A Life’s Inventory will give it to them.  Knowing we can take care of this for you gives even more peace of mind.  

How much storage space do I get? 

We know you will want to upload documents, favorite pictures, videos and journal entries among other things.  With this in mind, 5GB of storage is included in your Life Inventory. If you think you need more, you can upgrade to a Premium account and get 15GB.

Can I access my A Life’s Inventory account on any device? 

You sure can.  Phones, tablets and laptops can quickly and easily get you into your account whenever you want.

What is a Trustee and why do I need at least two? 

A Trustee is just what it sounds like:  a trusted professional, family member or friend.  They are appointed by you to receive your information if you’ve become incapacitated or have passed away.  Your attorney, spouse or parent/sibling are good places to start when considering who you will appoint.  We require two Trustees to confirm the information in your Life Inventory can be released.  This is an added step in securing your information.  Once you appoint your Trustees, A Life’s Inventory will contact them via email and regular USPS and provide them with their instructions.

Can I change my trustees?

Yes, you can change your Trustees anytime you want.  A Life’s Inventory will send out a reminder annually to update and confirm both your Trustees and their contact information.  Once removed, a Trustee will no longer be eligible to receive your information.

Can my Trustee log into my account?

Life’s Inventory is intended to be your private space.  Therefore, designating a Trustee does not give them access to your account.  It simply makes them the recipient of your information when you pass away.  You can always share your username and password with a Trustee, or anyone else.  That would, of course, compromise the security of your information.

How exactly does the process work?

This is the process step by step:

1.    You register, appoint Trustees (minimum of 2) and begin your Life Inventory.  A Trustee can be anyone you would trust with private information:  attorney, spouse, family friend etc.

2.    Annually A Life’s Inventory contacts you to confirm (or change) your Trustees and update their contact information.

3.    You log in to A Life’s Inventory any time you choose and update/add your information as your life grows and changes.

4.    If an event occurs and you are incapacitated or pass away your Trustees tell A Life’s Inventory.  If only one Trustee reaches out to us, we in turn confirm this with your other Trustee(s). 

5.    When it is confirmed you’re incapacitated, the limited yet time sensitive information in the Release Immediately section (Advanced Directives, Final Wishes) gets immediately sent via email to all Trustees.

6.    If your Trustee tells A Life’s Inventory you have passed away, we confirm this with your other Trustees as well.  We then require a death certificate (with raised seal) to release your full Life Inventory to your Trustees.  The information is made available to them only after a death certificate is received. 

A Life’s Inventory will send your Life Inventory as a digital file or as a printed document.If your Trustees choose a printed document, the digital files you’ve uploaded (will, insurance policies, certificates of authenticity), pictures and videos will be sent via thumb drive.

How long will my Life Inventory take to complete?

The time it takes to complete each category will vary.  Some are short and sweet.  Some are more complex.  Some may not even pertain to you.  The longest category should take about 15 minutes to complete from start to finish.  Keep in mind it’s a living document so you’ll always be able to come back to it.  You’ll spend as much time as you choose. 

Do I have to fill everything out in the Wizard?

By asking you one question for each category in the website, the Wizard will introduce you to all the categories available.  Some will be important to you, some will not.  You can answer “No” or skip whole sections and come back later if you choose.

Why is there a “Treasures” category?

This is a great category; one that can be lots of fun.  It’s in this category you add the fun parts of your life:  the stories, pictures, videos, recipes, letters and anything else you’d like to include.  In “Things in the Attic” you can add pictures of antiques/artwork/cherished heirlooms, information about your collections and hobbies.  You can also give direction as to what should happen to these items.  Take videos of yourself now and post them for later.  You can leave letters for your children or other loved ones.  There is a great “Journal” section where you can upload pictures and include your thoughts and stories.  Anything you’ve done that’s funny, interesting, important or just family history belongs here.  People love to learn new stories and hear them from a personal perspective.

What do I get at the end of it all?

You get totally organized which means you immediately get peace of mind.  Your ducks are in a row.  You know your information is secure, instantly accessible and easy to update. You also get the opportunity to leave all the answers behind when you go.  And the people in your life will be grateful for your smart forethought and generous consideration.

Who else benefits? 

Whomever you ask to settle your estate when the time comes will benefit immensely.  It’s an emotionally charged time and task when an estate gets settled.  A Life’s Inventory will send them a printed copy (of PDF) of your information.  With this, they can easily work towards closing your estate and finalizing your wishes.  You’ll have given them a roadmap for the often confusing path ahead.  In addition, the people you love will benefit more than you realize.  The more you share of your memories, stories, pictures, videos and sentimental “Things in the Attic”, the more they, and future generations, will benefit.

Is there a cost?

There is an annual fee of $75.  The information you include here is important and very personal.  We respect that you’ve entrusted your information to us.  We have a huge responsibility to keep it safe.  This fee enables us to maintain and update our security technology.

Can I store important documents here?

Yes, you can.  You can store documents, pictures and videos.

What happens to my information if I forget to pay or want to cancel?

Credit cards don’t process for a number of reasons including passed expiration date, fraud protection, balance transfers, new card activation among and other reasons.  If your credit card doesn’t process for any reason A Life’s Inventory will reach out to you via email and USPS.  If, after 3 attempts to reach you, your card still does not process A Life’s Inventory will freeze your account.  As soon as your balance is brought up to date, you will have full access to you’re A Life’s Inventory account. 

You are free to cancel your account at any time.  A Life’s Inventory will securely delete your information and any uploaded files within 2 business days.

I want to print my Life Inventory, can I?

Every user has the one-time option to receive a printed copy of their Life Inventory before the account is closed.  There is a $50 fee for this.  After that the printed version goes to the Trustees designated.  The best way to see your full Life Inventory is to click on “My Life Inventory” on the home page.  Here you can see the file itself in a document format. 

This would be really useful for my clients and employees.  Do you have a separate Business platform?

We do.  We can easily offer you a way to help your clients and employees.  Please contact us through the Partnership link on our homepage and we will set up a time to go through the options, https://alifesinventory.com/#/partnerships.

How is my Life Inventory secured? 

As it is for you, security is our number one concern.  Alifesinventory.com is on a unique cloud monitored 24x7 security operations model, which means someone is always watching over the environment to protect against malicious activity.

Our security team is dedicated to protecting sensitive data.   Their cyber security environment is one of the few HITRUST certified infrastructure providers.  Click here to learn more about our security partner and their security-driven compliant hosting.

I understand the site is secure.  But I still feel like my information is at risk. 

One of the most important things to remember about A Life’s Inventory is that there aren’t any fields requesting highly confidential or overly sensitive information.  Our purpose is to give you a private, secure space in which to organize your personal information.  There is no place to enter a SSN, account numbers, passwords etc.  What A Life’s Inventory provides is a place to note what you have and where it can be found.  Where is your social security card?  Where do you bank and what types of accounts do you have?  Where are your insurance policies and who’s your broker?  Where do you keep your passwords written down or stored?   You are able to include any information you want in the “Notes” sections of every screen.  Noting is required.  You input only the details you are comfortable with.

What if I need tech support? 

The quickest way to reach A Life’s Inventory support staff is via email.  Using the Contact Us tab on the Homepage, reference Technical Support in the pull down menu and add your question to the space provided.  Our support staff will reply to you within 24 hours.  Our support hours are 9a-5p EST.  We will have tech support available via Live Chat very soon.