Where is your story?


Secure digital storage of your life’s information



a clear mind

A Life’s Inventory helps you organize all of life’s important information so you won't be scrambling when life gets complicated. Our wizard makes it easy to start de-cluttering and stay that way. You’ll get your life in order and have the freedom to do more of what you love.


What is

my inventory?

Your inventory is anything that you, your family or a loved one might want to know sometime - out of necessity or desire. It’s more than the photos of your first born and your bank account information. It’s important names, contacts, accounts, documents, stories, memories and plans. 

It’s the story of a lifetime. Build it slowly. Your life’s inventory is too valuable to be rushed.


Go at your own pace  

Go at your own pace as our wizard takes you through each category. Enter one thing per day or one thing per month. The pace is up to you!



Your information is just for you! Share your password if you want. But otherwise, no one see your information until your trustee requests it.



We use top security to keep your information sage. It’s encrypted at all angles so there’s no chance of cracking it.

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A spot for everything

With 37 categories there’s a spot for everything. Use only those relevant to you and organize files, thoughts, contacts, documents, and more.


Why A Life’s Inventory?

Because you’re the only one who knows…



There’s a copy of your will on the top shelf of your closet


The painting above the fireplace is an original


The contact information of your insurance broker


Experience a clear mind.

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